Barry Kozloff, M.Dv
Ed Gaydos, Ph.D.
P. Lynn Wakefield, M.D.
Judi Wulf, Ph.D.
Judi Winkelpleck, Ph.D.
Client List
Vice President of Human Resources
Director, Human Resources
U.S. Commerce Department Official
Regional Sales Director
Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources
General Manager
Director Corporate Services, Purchasing Department
Vice President, Human Resources
Director, Work Force Planning and Employee Relations
Global Director, Human Resources
Director, Employee Relations
Judi Winkelpleck, Ph.D.

Judy headed Strategic Workforce Planning efforts at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a major plant genetics company. Previously, she did counseling, research, teaching and administration at Iowa State and Drake Universities. Judy also headed the internal operations of a major performing arts venue.

She brings over 25 years of business experience focused on supporting successful workforce members. She holds a Doctorate in Organizational Sociology and Masters Degrees in Counseling, Healthcare Organizations, and Theology.