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Ed Gaydos, Ph.D.
P. Lynn Wakefield, M.D.
Judi Wulf, Ph.D.
Judi Winkelpleck, Ph.D.
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Vice President of Human Resources
Director, Human Resources
U.S. Commerce Department Official
Regional Sales Director
Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources
General Manager
Director Corporate Services, Purchasing Department
Vice President, Human Resources
Director, Work Force Planning and Employee Relations
Global Director, Human Resources
Director, Employee Relations
U.S. Commerce Department Official
Saudi Arabia

Of all the many categories contributing to assignment failure mentioned in Selection Research International's expatriate [research] survey — Employment Screening may be the greatest culprit. Most potential problems can be identified prior to their relocation. Too often the time to perform a screening properly is disallowed in favor of the minimum attempt to hire the technically qualified and get him or her on site.