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International Assessment (Face-to-Face)
International Assessment Procedure (IAP)

An extensively validated formal assessment process evaluating international assignees for employee job suitability and talent development, and personal and family readiness.

The assessment is a formal psychosocial evaluation involving a daylong assessment and counseling session with the employee and spouse / partner, or single employee. The process includes background discussions with Human Resources and, when possible, the assignee's supervisor. Pre-work consisting of Background Information Forms to identify employee and spouse expectations, needs, and relevant biographical information. Depending on the job level, the employee may be asked to complete a psychological test. The employee and spouse participate in a daylong session involving one-on-one and joint interviews. Assignees receive feedback and counseling about their readiness for a country-specific assignment. Employees also receive information about their strengths and areas for increasing their job effectiveness. When requested, older children may be interviewed.

Human Resources receives verbal feedback and a formal written evaluation report which HR shares with the hiring manager and / or management team. Reports include assessor observations and recommendations for performance and family assignment management, as well as employee development plans. Assessments are typically conducted in English and, when necessary, in the assignee’s first language.

  • Employee job suitability: strengths and developmental gaps for performing in a global business context, assignment plan, development, organization learning

  • Recommendations for family assignment management:

    • Spouse’s internal resources for adapting to the new cultural environment
    • Personal and family conditions (dependents and other family members) affecting the global assignment
    • Targeted support; e.g., pre-departure, short- and long-term destination services