Barry Kozloff, M.Dv
Ed Gaydos, Ph.D.
P. Lynn Wakefield, M.D.
Judi Wulf, Ph.D.
Judi Winkelpleck, Ph.D.
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Vice President of Human Resources
Director, Human Resources
U.S. Commerce Department Official
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Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources
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Director Corporate Services, Purchasing Department
Vice President, Human Resources
Director, Work Force Planning and Employee Relations
Global Director, Human Resources
Director, Employee Relations
Barry Kozloff

Kozloff co-founded Selection Research International, Inc. (SRI) with Edmund Gaydos, PhD. in 1978 conducting the original research on the personal factors and family conditions predicting international failure and success.

The past 30 years Kozloff’s work has focused on the screening of international candidates, designing global leadership development systems, and developing international assessment tools for major corporations worldwide.

Kozloff and the SRI team are recognized by corporations as the industry standard in global selection technology. He is a featured speaker at international conferences and author of many articles on global leadership identification and development, and the expatriate selection and assignment management.

President of Selection Research International, Inc. in St. Louis, MO, he has also held positions: Human Resources Director, KBA, top 500 architectural firm, Senior Human Resource Representative -expatriate assessment- McDonnell-Douglas Saudi Arabia, Senior Management Training & Development Specialist AT&T, Business Development Manager Mericom -Teheran, Iran, Special Assistant to the President of Emerson Electric Aerospace, and Executive Director of PYC -family counseling center- Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

Master's degree (M.Dv), care and counseling, BA anthropology (doctoral candidate) Washington University in St. Louis, MO.